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3 Fiber Myths in AV

by Tim Heneveld on August 23, 2016

Why aren’t more AV projects using fiber communications? Are we just afraid of getting cut by the leading edge of technology, or are there legitimate reasons? Maybe there are just some myths out there that keep us from shifting from copper wire to fiber.


Myth #1: Fiber is too expensive. This is usually the number-one concern. Advancements in termination make fiber faster and easier to install, saving on labor, as well as the smaller and less-expensive conduit – compared to standard cable.

Myth #2: Fiber is too fragile. It’s made of glass right? Actually the allowed pulling tension on fiber is much higher than standard cable, and it can handle the same tight turns.

Myth #3: You can’t send power over fiber. Oh yes, you can! Fiber optic cabling with an added low voltage “power pair” is now readily available, making it clean and simple.

The full version of this article, written by Tim Heneveld, appears on the Fiberplex Technologies, LLC blog.

Tim Heneveld

Tim Heneveld

Tim Heneveld, CTS, Certified Crestron Programmer, has worked in almost every aspect of the Audio-Video and lighting industry. From System Design to Project Management to Studio and Live Engineering. Tim has overseen audio, video, and lighting systems as well as operations, and provided recording studio and live sound engineering around the world for recording artists of all genres. Tim is a Certified Crestron Programmer, and the Senior AVL Design Consultant for Acoustics By Design, in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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