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Quality, Service, and Price – How Acoustical Consultants Stack Up

by Acoustics By Design on March 16, 2011

image of acoustical consultant engineer best price best quality best serviceRecently a client called to say they were trying to make a decision between our acoustical engineering firm and another acoustician for a church project they were working on. The client had received proposals from Acoustics By Design and another firm, but wanted to discuss the topic from a “quality, service, and price” perspective. So what did I tell him?

At Acoustics By Design, we always lead with the quality of our work. Our professional engineers utilize the most advanced technology to provide our clients with the best acoustical engineering services available. Due to our size, skills, and resources, we are able to offer a level of expertise that is difficult to duplicate.

Because we are an independent consulting firm (meaning we don’t sell any products), we offer the most objective recommendations for the project. This provides our clients with a high level of trust for our advice. Design-build firms, such as audio-visual integrators, seek to sell as much of their products as possible. ABD, on the other hand, is a professional engineering firm, so our service comes from an engineering perspective.

I asked the client how close our proposals were in price, and I was shocked to learn that the difference was only a few hundred dollars! I offered to raise the price for him if it would make the decision easier, and we both had a good laugh.

At Acoustics By Design, we work with churches of all sizes to provide acoustical engineering recommendations and church audio-visual design solutions. When new clients call us, they are often surprised to learn that we don’t sell any products. We consider this one of our greatest assets. Our status as independent engineers is the key that helps us win the game of quality, service, and price.

Acoustics By Design

Acoustics By Design

Acoustics By Design consultants provide acoustical consulting services to architects, engineers, facility directors, municipalities, and building owners. Our team includes acoustical consultants, acoustical engineers, noise consultants, and vibration consultants. Our firm also includes an integrated team of audio-visual consultants who design audio, video, theatrical lighting, and technical systems and integrate them with the native acoustical environment.

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