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Brian Atkinson

by Brian Atkinson on April 3, 2017

For the eleventh year in a row, Acoustics By Design has been named to the West Michigan’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work For®.

Acoustics By Design announces Melinda Miller, PE, as Principal Engineer, and we look forward to her leadership in ABD’s acoustics and AV design practice.

Acoustics By Design received the National and Michigan awards for the 101 Best and Brightest Most Sustainable Companies in 2016. ABD has won the awards every year they have been offered.

Erik J Geiger, CTS-D has joined Acoustics By Design in their Portland, OR office as Senior Audiovisual Consultant.

Watch out for red flags if you want a quiet place to live.

When the noise from the condo or apartment unit above sounds like your neighbor’s favorite shoes are a pair of bricks, it can be a struggle.

You’ve just moved into your new home, or maybe you completed some renovations and there it is – noise. You love your home, but the sound is making you crazy.

Working with an independent acoustical consultant in your restaurant design and construction, or renovation process can help “Take The Din Out of Dinner.”

When the first call or email comes in about a new project it’s important to ask if the project is for renovating an existing space, or new construction. It’s an important question because the approach to each type of project is different. We’re brought in after a space is occupied about as frequently as when […]

Acoustics By Design President, Kenric Van Wyk, is interviewed in the May/June 2015 issue of Church Designer’s Magazine.The Article, “A Sound Policy,” by Keith Loria, describes the need to prepare the worship space acoustically, and what to factor into the plan for a worship environment. The worship music style is an important factor in determining […]

Acoustics By Design provides AVL and acoustical consulting from our offices in Grand Rapids and Detroit, Michigan, and Portland, Oregon, on projects throughout the United States, and around the world. If you’re trying to get started in the field of acoustics, but perhaps you don’t have access to a lot of acoustical consultants, what do […]

The acoustics inside a church can make the difference between a properly communicated message and a garbled-up mess. To help churches overcome acoustic challenges, let’s examine some of the prevailing myths about church sound. Download the article PDF Myth 1: Acoustics can be addressed later Not only are acoustic panels more expensive to add later, […]

The new version of the FGI (Facility Guidelines Institute’s) Guidelines is here! The “FGI Guidelines” is an industry standard document focused on the design and construction of healthcare facilities, covering topics from space planning and room design to equipment, to (you guessed it) acoustics, which was introduced in the 2010 cycle. The influence of the […]

It’s always a pleasure to hear that someone is enjoying the spaces created by the work that we do at Acoustics By Design. In this case, The University of Michigan’s newly renovated Schembechler Hall. The smiles were evident on the faces of everyone in attendance at the grand re-opening on April 4. Schembechler Hall houses […]

Every year on April 22, over a billion people in 190 countries take action for Earth Day. From San Francisco to San Juan, Beijing to Brussels, Moscow to Marrakesh, people plant trees, clean up their communities, contact their elected officials, and more, all on behalf of the environment. The goal: 1-Billion Acts of Green. Green […]

Acoustics really is a complicated subject. Many of our recommendations need to be formed on a case-by-case basis, and some of that advice is based on principles that are not very intuitive. So here is a short list of common acoustical misconceptions: Acoustical Misconception # 1. Acoustical design is only relevant for specialized projects! Acoustical […]

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