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Acoustics By Design

Acoustics By Design, headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI and Daly-Standlee & Associates, in Portland, OR, announce their merger effective April 1, 2016.

As 2015 comes to a close, Acoustics By Design is delighted to be among this year’s National Best and Brightest Companies To Work For.

Acoustics By Design has been named the Elite Winner for Recruitment, Selection, and Orientation. While we’ve won several Best and Brightest awards, this is our first 101 Best and Brightest Elite Award, and we couldn’t be prouder. Acoustics By DesignAcoustics By Design consultants provide acoustical consulting services to architects, engineers, facility directors, municipalities, and building […]

Acoustics By Design is proud to announce our latest acoustical consultant office in Portland, Oregon to better serve our West Coast clients. Acoustics By Design is one of the nation’s leading independent acoustical consultants, and now we’ve added a Pacific Northwest office in Portland, next to the SW 3rd Ave food carts and near the Willamette […]

When we receive lunch and learn requests, we take into account how much time is involved. Travel to another office, planning lunch, and cleanup are all part of the “1 hour” equation. Can the four or five hours of work and travel fit into the schedule? Will your portable audio-visual equipment be acceptable? Could the […]

Back when I was in grade school, I loved the animated Charlie Brown shows. I have particular memories of the scenes in class where the kids’ teacher would address them: “Wa Wa Wa, Wa, Wa Wa Wa, Wa.” Thinking about it still makes me smile. What a simple scene that helps visualize the point of […]

We don’t make a practice of tooting our own horns at Acoustics By Design, but for this we will make a small exception. Great news: ABD was just named to the list of Michigan’s Best and Brightest Sustainable Companies. As a professional consulting engineering firm, we sell no physical products, so we cannot tell our […]

Standing atop my soapbox and surveying the healthcare land as we know it, I can declare at the top of my lungs, “I have a right to be heard… er, NOT HEARD… wait, wait… I have a right that a reasonable effort has been made to ensure that I won’t be heard!” I apologize for […]

In this TED Conference video, David Byrne, lead singer of Talking Heads, gives us a brief a history of music and how it evolved in relation to architectural acoustics and reverberation. Worth the watch. One issue this video doesn’t address is that architectural acoustics can be designed and optimized in any building. Sure, Carnegie Hall […]

We all have seen nice big projector screens that have an image that is just too dim to be clearly seen. To protect against this occurrence, we set a target brightness level during the design process, and we base it on a number of variables. The physical screen size needs to be compared to the […]

How important is acoustics in hospitals? Just ask Medicare. A recent Washington Post article highlights how Medicare reimbursement payments for hospitals will be linked to patient satisfaction scores (such as Press Ganey Patient Satisfaction Surveys). What does this have to do with acoustics? As it turns out, acoustics is the worse scoring section of patient […]

Ever been in a large convention facility for the first time? Running a bit late and don’t know what room your meeting is in? Even if you have the room number, is the signage good enough to point you down the right hallway? If you are anything like me you will wander around just long […]

Good News… after long delays, LEED for Health Care was finally released for public consumption! This blog provides a basic overview of how to meet the new acoustical requirements in LEED HC. In fact, your next LEED for Healthcare project can gain two points just by following good acoustical design practices that protect patient medical […]

For the first time in its history, the National Association for Business Resources has named the Best and Brightest Companies To Work For™ in the country. Acoustics By Design made the list, alongside companies like Verizon Wireless, Henry Ford Health System, Amway, and American Academy of Pediatrics. The 2011 winning companies were assessed by an […]

Many high school students have never heard of the “acoustical engineering” field so when local student Jordan Van Buskirk  (a Senior at Western Michigan Christian High School) asked his teacher about jobs that have to do with acoustics, it was a first for the school. After being contacted by Joyce Workman, Director of Advancement at […]

Multi-use school facilities (such as “cafetoriums” – cafeterias that double as auditoriums) are popping up all over Michigan because they save space and save money. But many schools are finding that they are not well-suited to serve multiple purposes. So how can multi-use facilities be optimized for both utility (think cafeteria) and performance (think auditorium)? […]

Acoustics By Design, an independent acoustical consulting and audio-visual design firm headquartered in downtown Grand Rapids, will celebrate its 10 year anniversary on October 6, 2011, at the Grand Rapids Art Museum. The invitation only event will host 300 architects and engineers as they celebrate a milestone for one of their own. After the event […]

I run sound at a local church about once a month. I used to spend time behind a mixing board several times a week, but these days it tends to be more time in front of a computer. Several recent discussions with the Music Director at the church got me pondering this question: What really […]

Mixed use developments need to have the proper noise isolation partitions and the proper expectations for tenants. “I can hear their music and their phone ringing; I can even hear them repeat the order!” This comment came from a frustrated condo owner who lived above a sandwich shop in a mixed used condominium development. High […]

Good communication can be difficult, especially over long distances. This is why we still get on airplanes and travel to meet face to face. Videoconferencing saves the travel costs, and it still gives us the face to face connection. But here’s the key: the videoconference environment itself is critical to ensuring communication success. Human ability […]

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