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Audio-Visual Consultant

When we receive lunch and learn requests, we take into account how much time is involved. Travel to another office, planning lunch, and cleanup are all part of the “1 hour” equation. Can the four or five hours of work and travel fit into the schedule? Will your portable audio-visual equipment be acceptable? Could the […]

We sat down to the kick-off programming meeting for a project, and we started working through our list of questions to help us figure out what types of AV functionality the client needed for the project. At one point the owner’s representative (who was not from the technology team) stated that they really just wanted […]

We all have seen nice big projector screens that have an image that is just too dim to be clearly seen. To protect against this occurrence, we set a target brightness level during the design process, and we base it on a number of variables. The physical screen size needs to be compared to the […]

“It depends.” This is probably my most frequent response we give when people ask a tech-related question. Why? Because the answer to the question will vary depending on circumstances, factors, and requirements. So when someone asks, “What’s the best AV technology to put into a classroom?” My answer usually is, “It depends.” What we first […]

What is the most important step in designing a sound system? Of course, every step is important, but one might argue that the final equalization is perhaps the most critical step, and often the most overlooked. Assuming a good design has been put together on paper and that the system has been installed as it […]

Ever been in a large convention facility for the first time? Running a bit late and don’t know what room your meeting is in? Even if you have the room number, is the signage good enough to point you down the right hallway? If you are anything like me you will wander around just long […]

Most industries have some sort of accreditation process by which individuals and companies within that industry are recognized as being competent and knowledgeable within that field. For instance, architects are accredited by the American Institute of Architects (AIA), and acousticians are accredited by the National Council of Acoustical Consultants (NCAC). An individual that has these […]

I’m Mindy Tangney, Architectural Coordinator for Acoustics By Design. Clients often ask me “What does ‘architectural coordinator’ mean? Are you coordinating Architects? Are you doing architecture for ABD?” Well, not exactly. Let me explain. Mindy TangneyMindy Tangney has worked in architecture since 2004. Mindy earned her degree in architecture from Lawrence Technological University in 2005. […]

For the first time in its history, the National Association for Business Resources has named the Best and Brightest Companies To Work For™ in the country. Acoustics By Design made the list, alongside companies like Verizon Wireless, Henry Ford Health System, Amway, and American Academy of Pediatrics. The 2011 winning companies were assessed by an […]

Most people who work in the construction industry are aware of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (commonly referred to as the ADA) and the general impacts it has on how buildings are constructed. On September 15, 2010 the Department of Justice published a series of revised regulations. One section of these updates deals […]

Acoustics By Design, an independent acoustical consulting and audio-visual design firm headquartered in downtown Grand Rapids, will celebrate its 10 year anniversary on October 6, 2011, at the Grand Rapids Art Museum. The invitation only event will host 300 architects and engineers as they celebrate a milestone for one of their own. After the event […]

I run sound at a local church about once a month. I used to spend time behind a mixing board several times a week, but these days it tends to be more time in front of a computer. Several recent discussions with the Music Director at the church got me pondering this question: What really […]

Good communication can be difficult, especially over long distances. This is why we still get on airplanes and travel to meet face to face. Videoconferencing saves the travel costs, and it still gives us the face to face connection. But here’s the key: the videoconference environment itself is critical to ensuring communication success. Human ability […]

Teleconferencing requires hearing the voice, so it should follow that videoconferencing requires seeing the people, right? Not so much. Videoconferencing actually requires a finer level of detail – it requires seeing the eyes. Why? We communicate with our eyes. If you cannot clearly see the eyes of the communicator, then you might as well be […]

One of the transitions that we are watching closely in the audio-visual Industry is the evolution of audio and video delivery over networks instead of through dedicated distribution systems. In the consumer world you may have noticed that some TV networks are starting to stream things like major sporting events from their websites, or you […]

Acoustics By Design was recently honored by the Michigan Business & Professional Association as one of “West Michigan’s 101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For.” 2011 marks the fifth consecutive year that ABD has received the award. Being named to this prestigious list is a designation that hundreds of companies pursue. And this year, […]

Recently we worked with a church that experienced some “issues” with their sanctuary sound system. They had just reconfigured their main worship space and everything had been fine. But now that several weeks had gone by, things were not right. They asked if we could come and help work with their sound volunteers to get […]

Out of curiosity, we asked one of our current clients what made them pick Acoustics By Design to be their audio-video consultant for their corporate webcast auditorium project. We beat out several national AVL consulting firms to get the project, so what made the difference? Well, there were a list of reasons why ABD was […]

The new Cornerstone Church campus is proof that good design is worth waiting for. After three years of design and eventual construction, the new church facility opened to rave reviews and experienced an immediate jump in attendance. The “wow” factor of the campus is the state of the art audio, video, and lighting system in […]

On practically every project we work on that has a significant sound system, we have a discussion with the stakeholders about whether the main mixing console should be an analog board or a digital board. In a nutshell, we can boil the discussion down to 3 main points… Price, Flexibility, and Ease of Use. Here’s […]

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