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Erik J Geiger, CTS-D has joined Acoustics By Design in their Portland, OR office as Senior Audiovisual Consultant.

When a construction project is underway, who is the best entity to hold the AV contract?

by Erik Geiger on August 23, 2016

Why aren’t more AV projects using fiber communications? Maybe there are just some myths out there that keep us from shifting from copper wire to fiber.

Acoustics By Design, headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI and Daly-Standlee & Associates, in Portland, OR, announce their merger effective April 1, 2016.

Professional acousticians discuss the secrets of blocking noise and sound between closed offices. Fundamentals of office noise isolation and acoustics.

by Erik Geiger on March 22, 2016

Answering our most asked question, “Why should we hire a technical systems designer, when we already have a tech guy?”

What’s Shakin’ in Healthcare? Insight and advice from professional engineers on mechanical noise and vibration in healthcare facilities and hospitals.

The 3 acoustical criteria for design and construction of K-12 Education, for better learning environments, and LEED.

Watch out for red flags if you want a quiet place to live.

When the noise from the condo or apartment unit above sounds like your neighbor’s favorite shoes are a pair of bricks, it can be a struggle.

You’ve just moved into your new home, or maybe you completed some renovations and there it is – noise. You love your home, but the sound is making you crazy.

Working with an independent acoustical consultant in your restaurant design and construction, or renovation process can help “Take The Din Out of Dinner.”

As 2015 comes to a close, Acoustics By Design is delighted to be among this year’s National Best and Brightest Companies To Work For.

by Erik Geiger on December 2, 2015

BYOD in your conference room might be just what you need to get everyone collaborating, and all your devices working together.

It seems like a good idea; a fitness center in your building. It’s so convenient! Unless of course, you want some peace and quiet.

by Justin Meyer on November 4, 2015

Vibration can be a determining factor in the success of many projects. Are you considering vibration for the people who will be in the building?

When a technical system design project includes video, we are asked the same question, “Can we do wireless video for that?” It sounds like a great idea. But…

The acoustics of University studios can make or break the student experience. Plan ahead, before you go on air.

When the first call or email comes in about a new project it’s important to ask if the project is for renovating an existing space, or new construction. It’s an important question because the approach to each type of project is different. We’re brought in after a space is occupied about as frequently as when […]

Removing obstacles to learning. That’s the mantra around the movement toward Active Learning Classrooms (ALC) in University settings. This departure from the traditional lecture format, and toward flexible furniture, writing surfaces, collaborative activities, and integrated technology brings a new set of challenges when designing a space to deliver a learning environment free from the obstacles […]

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