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by Brian Atkinson on November 2, 2017

Acoustics By Design is a nationally certified Women’s Business Enterprise as well as a Woman Owned Small Business.

When a construction project is underway, who is the best entity to hold the AV contract?

Professional acousticians discuss the secrets of blocking noise and sound between closed offices. Fundamentals of office noise isolation and acoustics.

by Erik Geiger on March 22, 2016

Answering our most asked question, “Why should we hire a technical systems designer, when we already have a tech guy?”

by Erik Geiger on December 2, 2015

BYOD in your conference room might be just what you need to get everyone collaborating, and all your devices working together.

It seems like a good idea; a fitness center in your building. It’s so convenient! Unless of course, you want some peace and quiet.

When the first call or email comes in about a new project it’s important to ask if the project is for renovating an existing space, or new construction. It’s an important question because the approach to each type of project is different. We’re brought in after a space is occupied about as frequently as when […]

Acoustics By Design provides AVL and acoustical consulting from our offices in Grand Rapids and Detroit, Michigan, and Portland, Oregon, on projects throughout the United States, and around the world. If you’re trying to get started in the field of acoustics, but perhaps you don’t have access to a lot of acoustical consultants, what do […]

Acoustics By Design gets requests, every week, to help corporate office environments with their speech privacy. Whether it’s a conference room, single private office, or one with legal privacy concerns (like a doctor’s or lawyer’s office), it’s important to keep certain conversations protected and private. In other words, the type of work performed in a […]

We sat down to the kick-off programming meeting for a project, and we started working through our list of questions to help us figure out what types of AV functionality the client needed for the project. At one point the owner’s representative (who was not from the technology team) stated that they really just wanted […]

Good communication can be difficult, especially over long distances. This is why we still get on airplanes and travel to meet face to face. Videoconferencing saves the travel costs, and it still gives us the face to face connection. But here’s the key: the videoconference environment itself is critical to ensuring communication success. Human ability […]

Teleconferencing requires hearing the voice, so it should follow that videoconferencing requires seeing the people, right? Not so much. Videoconferencing actually requires a finer level of detail – it requires seeing the eyes. Why? We communicate with our eyes. If you cannot clearly see the eyes of the communicator, then you might as well be […]

Out of curiosity, we asked one of our current clients what made them pick Acoustics By Design to be their audio-video consultant for their corporate webcast auditorium project. We beat out several national AVL consulting firms to get the project, so what made the difference? Well, there were a list of reasons why ABD was […]

Digital signage is making its way into stores and businesses everywhere: hotels, department stores, grocery stores, universities, churches, funeral homes, you name it. As audio-visual designers, we are hired to offer digital signage design services for a wide variety of industries. One of the first questions we always ask our clients is who is this […]

Sure, we all agree that the principle of “garbage in garbage out” applies to audio-visual technology. But is “top of the line equipment” the real bottom line for state of the art web conferencing or videoconferencing? Answer: It’s one of the bottom lines, but not the only bottom line. There are a lot of other […]

I used to work at a very large engineering firm that had the “cube farm” open plan office setup (which I referenced in a previous blog). The cubicles were arranged in work groups, and the groups were arranged by clients and market segments. From my desk, the groups to my right and left engineered for […]

As the VGA connector continues its rapid transition towards obsolescence (referred to in Part I of this post) many people simply assume that using adapters (such as HDMI to VGA) will solve the digital-to-analog connectivity problem. While this may work in the short term, it ignores the looming problem of DRM (Digital Rights Management), a […]

Have you ever noticed how some sounds catch your attention and others do not? For example, you are driving down the road thinking of your plans for the day and all of a sudden you hear a squeak in the dashboard. It draws your attention immediately, while the air conditioning fan likely does not. The […]

Conference room acoustics are often overlooked in the design process, but they can quickly become a problem (and a high priority) once the room is put into use. Architects are great at designing aesthetically pleasing boardrooms and conference rooms, and when their clients see the renderings, acoustics is normally the furthest thing from their mind. […]

My church recently decided to upgrade from our old analog mixing board to a brand new digital mixing console. The interesting part of this process was that they did not buy it through a local AV contractor. They purchased the sound board online through a company that specializes in phone and internet box sales. This […]

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