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by Brian Atkinson on November 2, 2017

Acoustics By Design is a nationally certified Women’s Business Enterprise as well as a Woman Owned Small Business.

When a construction project is underway, who is the best entity to hold the AV contract?

by Erik Geiger on March 22, 2016

Answering our most asked question, “Why should we hire a technical systems designer, when we already have a tech guy?”

What’s Shakin’ in Healthcare? Insight and advice from professional engineers on mechanical noise and vibration in healthcare facilities and hospitals.

It seems like a good idea; a fitness center in your building. It’s so convenient! Unless of course, you want some peace and quiet.

by Justin Meyer on November 4, 2015

Vibration can be a determining factor in the success of many projects. Are you considering vibration for the people who will be in the building?

When the first call or email comes in about a new project it’s important to ask if the project is for renovating an existing space, or new construction. It’s an important question because the approach to each type of project is different. We’re brought in after a space is occupied about as frequently as when […]

If you’ve been to your doctor’s office lately, you might have been allowed to listen to a conversation between a doctor and another patient. You didn’t even need to be in the room with them. The sound isolation between many exam rooms can be so poor that you can hear virtually everything that is said […]

The new version of the FGI (Facility Guidelines Institute’s) Guidelines is here! The “FGI Guidelines” is an industry standard document focused on the design and construction of healthcare facilities, covering topics from space planning and room design to equipment, to (you guessed it) acoustics, which was introduced in the 2010 cycle. The influence of the […]

Acoustics By Design gets requests, every week, to help corporate office environments with their speech privacy. Whether it’s a conference room, single private office, or one with legal privacy concerns (like a doctor’s or lawyer’s office), it’s important to keep certain conversations protected and private. In other words, the type of work performed in a […]

Every year on April 22, over a billion people in 190 countries take action for Earth Day. From San Francisco to San Juan, Beijing to Brussels, Moscow to Marrakesh, people plant trees, clean up their communities, contact their elected officials, and more, all on behalf of the environment. The goal: 1-Billion Acts of Green. Green […]

Mobile devices have become an ever-present part of our connected culture. With smartphones, tablets, and cell phones expected to outnumber people, in the US, by the end of the year, what can a hospital do to maintain some level of quiet? Allowing cell phone use, while adhering to HIPAA guidelines can also be problematic because […]

Standing atop my soapbox and surveying the healthcare land as we know it, I can declare at the top of my lungs, “I have a right to be heard… er, NOT HEARD… wait, wait… I have a right that a reasonable effort has been made to ensure that I won’t be heard!” I apologize for […]

How important is acoustics in hospitals? Just ask Medicare. A recent Washington Post article highlights how Medicare reimbursement payments for hospitals will be linked to patient satisfaction scores (such as Press Ganey Patient Satisfaction Surveys). What does this have to do with acoustics? As it turns out, acoustics is the worse scoring section of patient […]

Good News… after long delays, LEED for Health Care was finally released for public consumption! This blog provides a basic overview of how to meet the new acoustical requirements in LEED HC. In fact, your next LEED for Healthcare project can gain two points just by following good acoustical design practices that protect patient medical […]

The new LEED for Healthcare system allows up to two points for acoustics under the IEQ Credit 2 Acoustic Environment. Its intent is to “provide building occupants with an indoor healing environment free of intrusive or disruptive levels of sound.” Points can be earned by meeting requirements for increased sound isolation between rooms, reduced room […]

In their November 2010 issue, Healthcare Design Magazine published an article entitled, “Too Noisy to Heal,” written by Dr. Erica Ryherd of the Georgia Institute of Technology.  Dr. Ryherd lays out a clear case for the importance of acoustical design in healthcare facilities. She uses the term “soundscape” because healthcare acoustical consulting is so much […]

Recently, I visited a healthcare facility to talk with them about oral privacy related to HIPAA privacy requirements. As we toured the facility they shared the following story: A patient came in and was shown to the exam room and told that Doctor X would be in soon. After about 5 minutes, the patient returned […]

When Lakeland Healthcare in Saint Joseph, Michigan, began planning for their new, 143,000 SF, 118-bed patient tower, they had a clear goal in mind – to build the quietest hospital in Michigan and perhaps even the world. Acoustics By Design worked with BSA Lifestructures, Maregatti Interiors, and Lakeland Healthcare to design comprehensive acoustical improvements for […]

This is a fictional video we made to illustrate the many problems of acoustics, noise, and vibration in modern healthcare facilities. It shows why hospitals and health care facilities need acoustical engineers. © Acoustics By Design. If you’ve ever been a patient in a hospital, or been to a hospital as a visitor, you’ll likely […]

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