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by Brian Atkinson on November 2, 2017

Acoustics By Design is a nationally certified Women’s Business Enterprise as well as a Woman Owned Small Business.

When the first call or email comes in about a new project it’s important to ask if the project is for renovating an existing space, or new construction. It’s an important question because the approach to each type of project is different. We’re brought in after a space is occupied about as frequently as when […]

Acoustics By Design President, Kenric Van Wyk, is interviewed in the May/June 2015 issue of Church Designer’s Magazine.The Article, “A Sound Policy,” by Keith Loria, describes the need to prepare the worship space acoustically, and what to factor into the plan for a worship environment. The worship music style is an important factor in determining […]

Acoustics By Design provides AVL and acoustical consulting from our offices in Grand Rapids and Detroit, Michigan, and Portland, Oregon, on projects throughout the United States, and around the world. If you’re trying to get started in the field of acoustics, but perhaps you don’t have access to a lot of acoustical consultants, what do […]

The acoustics inside a church can make the difference between a properly communicated message and a garbled-up mess. To help churches overcome acoustic challenges, let’s examine some of the prevailing myths about church sound. Download the article PDF Myth 1: Acoustics can be addressed later Not only are acoustic panels more expensive to add later, […]

I run sound at a local church about once a month. I used to spend time behind a mixing board several times a week, but these days it tends to be more time in front of a computer. Several recent discussions with the Music Director at the church got me pondering this question: What really […]

Recently a client called to say they were trying to make a decision between our acoustical engineering firm and another acoustician for a church project they were working on. The client had received proposals from Acoustics By Design and another firm, but wanted to discuss the topic from a “quality, service, and price” perspective. So […]

Recently we worked with a church that experienced some “issues” with their sanctuary sound system. They had just reconfigured their main worship space and everything had been fine. But now that several weeks had gone by, things were not right. They asked if we could come and help work with their sound volunteers to get […]

I recently received a call from a pastor asking how to enhance their congregational singing. The church had recently inherited a new building, and the pastor was concerned that the congregational singing was just not “what it should be”. The band was great, and they rocked the place out. But the congregation was feeling a […]

The new Cornerstone Church campus is proof that good design is worth waiting for. After three years of design and eventual construction, the new church facility opened to rave reviews and experienced an immediate jump in attendance. The “wow” factor of the campus is the state of the art audio, video, and lighting system in […]

Most parents will tell you that they just wish they could understand why their baby is crying. As cute as babies are, the reality is they can be immensely distracting during church worship services. So what can you do about it? Acoustics By DesignAcoustics By Design consultants provide acoustical consulting services to architects, engineers, facility […]

by Erik Geiger on September 23, 2010

Everybody talks about “training the tech team”, but in reality it seems that it very rarely happens as well as it needs to. Perhaps what people commonly refer to as training could better be described as demonstration. Showing tech people how to push faders, twist knobs, pan cameras, and dim the lights is critical for […]

Church video venues are popping up everywhere. For many churches, they have become the go-to solution for solving the growth “problem”, which of course is a good problem to have. Church video venues are great for a number of reasons: they can offer an alternative worship music experience, they can keep a church unified by […]

My last blog discussed using a large video screen as the backdrop for your church stage. We discussed the benefits of using that type of technology. Today, we’ll move beyond the single screen. There are several reasons why we we would consider using multiple screens to decorate the auditorium of a church. This blog features […]

Decorating and designing stage sets for church sanctuaries can be a daunting task. Let’s look at a brief calendar of the church year. Traditional Christmas services are followed by volunteer holidays and a New Year celebration. There may be a Super Bowl Sunday and then a candlelit Maundy Thursday followed quickly by an Easter sunrise […]

From mega-churches to small town congregations, the video-venue concept is becoming a staple of church growth. For those not “in the know”, a “video-venue” is a church meeting where parts of the service (typically the sermon or message) are piped in via video signal and projected on a large screen, while other parts of the […]

In this economy, everyone is trying to cut costs and save money, and churches are no exception. With most church budgets relying 100% on church member donations, there is a heightened sense of concern amongst church boards to spend the money wisely. So when churches hear about an AVL company that will design a new […]

As the VGA connector continues its rapid transition towards obsolescence (referred to in Part I of this post) many people simply assume that using adapters (such as HDMI to VGA) will solve the digital-to-analog connectivity problem. While this may work in the short term, it ignores the looming problem of DRM (Digital Rights Management), a […]

Have you ever noticed how some sounds catch your attention and others do not? For example, you are driving down the road thinking of your plans for the day and all of a sudden you hear a squeak in the dashboard. It draws your attention immediately, while the air conditioning fan likely does not. The […]

My church recently decided to upgrade from our old analog mixing board to a brand new digital mixing console. The interesting part of this process was that they did not buy it through a local AV contractor. They purchased the sound board online through a company that specializes in phone and internet box sales. This […]

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