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Acoustical Modeling

Using sophisticated acoustical modeling software, measured noise and vibration data, and engineering calculations, our consultants and engineers predict and assess acoustical environments to identify potential problems and recommend acoustical solutions.

Acoustical Modeling for Architectural Design

Modeling acoustics before spaces are built can reveal architectural acoustics performance issues—arming architects, engineers, facilities managers, and building owners with acoustical modeling data and information to make the optimal design decisions. With sophisticated acoustical modeling software and the experience of our acoustical engineers, you can attain the desired acoustical environment for your clients.

Acoustical Modeling for Mechanical Systems

Sophisticated acoustical modeling for mechanical systems allow us to analyze equipment and design alternatives. It also allows our acoustical consultants to integrate equipment choices with other building components and characteristics to provide a comprehensive acoustical analysis and recommendations for creating the optimal acoustical environment.

Acoustical Modeling for Environmental Noise

Our acoustical modeling experts predict and analyze the acoustical impact of noise and vibration in urban and landscaped environments. Acoustical modeling helps us understand and predict the impact of ground transportation, air traffic, people, and other environmental noise sources—and it helps you design facilities with better acoustical environments. It can also help predict the acoustical impact of facilities and operations on neighborhoods. In addition, we use acoustical modeling to help design appropriate solutions that ensure environmentally friendly and acoustically compliant structures.

Acoustical Modeling for Audio Systems

Sophisticated acoustical modeling software allows our audio systems design engineers to predict acoustical performance of systems in architectural environments where sound reproduction, sound clarity, and speech intelligibility are critical. Using acoustical modeling software, we import room characteristics, surface data, and technical specifications of audio systems technology to predict acoustical environments and design custom audio technical systems.

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