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Forensic Acoustics

Forensic acoustics involves acoustical measurement, modeling, and analysis to resolve legal issues regarding compliance with and formulation of noise ordinances, measurement and analysis of noise exposure, warning signal efficacy, and other dispute resolution. Acoustics By Design conducts forensic studies using scientific methodologies to provide expert witness testimony and litigation support services regarding occupational hearing loss, workmen’s compensation, product liability, environmental law, land use, warning signals, and other disputes. Our acoustical consultants have extensive experience in providing analysis, expert opinions, and acoustics litigation support in a wide range of forensic acoustics matters.

Environmental Noise

Acoustics By Design’s forensic acoustics experts and acoustics litigation support consultants are often called upon to conduct noise surveys and acoustical modeling regarding actual or potential changes in ambient noise levels, environmental impact, and compliance with noise regulations.

Accidental Death and Injury

The adequacy of warning signals is a common issue in forensic acoustics related to death or injury. Our litigation support team provides expert opinions and expert witness services in acoustics-related accidental death and injury matters. Acoustics By Design’s forensic experts measure and evaluate audibility of warning signals, distance at which warning signals are detectable, and duration of warning signal detectability to determine compliance with safety ordinances and standard safety practices.

Product Liability

Acoustic By Design’s forensic experts evaluate products’ potential hearing hazards and potential aural interference with warning signals and other communications. Our litigation support consultants provide an objective basis on which attorneys can decide to settle claims or proceed with prosecution.

Occupational Noise

The level of occupational noise is important in providing a safe working environment and in resolving claims of hearing damage or loss. The forensic acoustics experts of Acoustics By Design provide occupational noise measurement and noise dosimetry services. Our acoustics litigation support team assists attorneys in such acoustical matters by providing an objective basis for settling, pursuing, or defending claims of occupational noise injury.

Acoustics By Design’s forensic acoustics includes services associated with the following:

  • Acoustical testing, research, and analysis
  • Forensic acoustics reports
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Dispute resolution
  • Noise exposure and noise dosimetry
  • Environmental law
  • Warning signals
  • Product liability litigation

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