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Vibration Consultants

Acoustics By Design’s vibration consultants measure, monitor, analyze, model, and design solutions for vibration generated by industry, technology, and environmental sources. Our vibration consultants diagnose and analyze sources of airborne, structure-borne, or ground-borne vibration and assess their related impact. After accurate assessment of the source and impact of unwanted vibration, our consultants engineer design alternatives, specify materials or technologies, and recommend structural modifications where necessary to mitigate or isolate transient or continuous vibration.

Our consultants have extensive experience with vibration issues associated with industry, equipment operation, transit, public infrastructure, product development, and mechanical, electrical, and audio systems. Clients of our firm include business, laboratories, healthcare, manufacturing, and public sector concerns, as well as architects, real estate developers, and attorneys.

As independent consultants, we don’t represent any product manufacturers, suppliers, or other service providers. Accordingly, our clients are assured our recommendations are free from bias and focused only on the best solutions for the issue at hand.

Finally, Acoustics By Design’s vibration consultants are also recognized experts in matters involving vibration control and measurement, testifying in courts of law or presenting findings and analysis at board meetings and public hearings.

Acoustics By Design’s vibration services include:

  • Industrial and commercial vibration
  • Mechanical systems vibration
  • Technology and product design vibration
  • Environmental vibration
  • Expert witness and litigation support services

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