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Auditorium Acoustics

Multi-purpose use demands that auditorium acoustics satisfy acoustical needs for theatrical performances, concerts, speeches, assemblies, and public gatherings equally well.

Acoustics By Design’s acoustical engineers consult with auditorium architects, facilities managers, and technical directors to shape and design spaces for optimal performance of auditorium acoustics. In the design phase, we use sophisticated acoustical modeling software to predict and analyze projection, reverberation, reflection, vibration, and other acoustical issues. When an auditorium is already built, we use scientific acoustic measurement technologies and predictive modeling to analyze existing acoustics and evaluate alternative remedies for acoustical problems.

Our experience includes the design of auditorium acoustics and technical systems for a wide range of schools and universities, convention
and meeting centers, municipal and community buildings, and corporate office and conference centers.

Acoustics By Design’s auditorium acoustics professionals also include audio-visual and lighting consultants who provide independent analysis and recommendations regarding auditorium technical systems design. These professionals ensure desired sound, visual reproduction, and lighting through the integration of technical systems design, delivering the flexibility to host diverse events and support them with optimum audio and visual clarity.

As independent acoustical and technical systems consultants, we don’t represent any product manufacturers, suppliers, or other service providers. Accordingly, our clients are assured our recommendations are free from bias and focused only on the best solutions for the issues at hand.

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Acoustics By Design’s auditorium acoustics consulting services include:

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