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HIPAA Speech Privacy

HIPAA speech privacy has become a high priority, driven by compliance concerns for HIPAA Oral Privacy directives. From medical office acoustics to patient treatment areas, healthcare facilities managers, HIPAA compliance officers, architects, and other professionals need expert acoustical design and engineering consultation to ensure that reasonable HIPAA speech privacy safeguards are in place to protect patient privacy and to protect their organizations from legal exposure from HIPAA speech privacy violations. At Acoustics By Design, our acoustical design engineers have extensive experience with healthcare facilities and with healthcare acoustics, noise, and vibration issues, including HIPAA Oral Speech Privacy Compliance with regulation [(164.530(c)(2)] of the Heath Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

Our HIPAA speech privacy consultants work with architects and healthcare providers to control, isolate, and mitigate sound through noise absorption, noise blocking, and sound masking solutions for hospitals, out-patient clinics, long-term care facilities, urgent care centers, medical offices, pharmacies, insurance companies and other healthcare-related facilities. We help healthcare facilities achieve confidential and non-intrusive PI (Privacy Index) ratings for facilities integrating open space areas such as patient check-in, waiting rooms, triage, nursing stations, discharge, and billing offices and closed areas such as exam, consultation, and patient rooms.

In the healthcare facility design phase, our acoustical consultants use sophisticated acoustical modeling software to predict and analyze acoustics that may affect HIPAA speech privacy compliance. When a healthcare facility is already built, we use state-of-the-art acoustic measurement technologies and predictive modeling to analyze existing acoustics and evaluate alternative remedies for HIPAA speech privacy compliance.

Through acoustical design and technologies, we help attenuate interior sound transmission, helping to ensure appropriate PI ratings for HIPAA speech privacy while also contributing to more comfortable patient and staff environments.

As HIPAA speech privacy consultants, we don’t represent any product manufacturers, suppliers, or other service providers. Accordingly, our clients are assured our recommendations are free from bias and focused only on the best solutions for the issues at hand.

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Acoustics By Design’s HIPAA speech privacy services include:

  • Architectural acoustics design
  • HIPAA speech privacy acoustical audits
  • Design of medical office acoustics
  • Noise isolation
  • Measurement, monitoring, and analysis of existing acoustics for HIPAA speech privacy compliance
  • Development of acoustical recommendations for HIPAA speech privacy
  • Evaluation and selection of noise masking technologies for HIPAA speech privacy

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