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Worship Acoustics

Worship acoustics for modern ministries are often very different than worship acoustics in traditional church sanctuaries. At Acoustics By Design, our acoustical consultants work closely with worship facilities architects, clergy, building committees, and music and technology directors to ensure the desired worship acoustics for the unique needs of each congregation. Our experience with a wide range of contemporary worship facilities is complemented by acoustical projects for many traditional houses of worship.

We use sophisticated acoustical modeling software to predict reverberation, reflection, and other worship acoustics concerns. Predictive modeling of worship acoustics helps us shape and design the acoustical performance of both new worship facilities and worship center renovations.

Worship facilities often incorporate other functional areas, including chapels, classrooms, performance and lecture halls, auditoriums, healthcare centers, and entertainment, recreation, and foodservice venues. These diverse needs often pose acoustical concerns, not only for each independent venue, but also regarding acoustic isolation of these venues from each other and from worship acoustics.

Our audio-visual design consultants provide independent, expert audio-visual and lighting design services to optimally integrate technical systems with worship acoustics—so that speech, sound, music, lighting, and visual media are delivered with acoustical and visual clarity and brilliance. Through the integrated design of acoustics and technical systems, we help ensure a rich and inspiring worship experience.

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Acoustics By Design’s worship acoustics consulting services include:

  • Acoustical design for worship spaces
  • Acoustical design for ancillary church facilities and rooms
  • Isolation of environmental noise
  • Isolation of mechanical noise and vibration
  • Isolation of ancillary area noise (e.g., nursery, narthex) from
  • Design of audio-visual and lighting technical systems
  • Integration of technical systems with worship acoustics

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